10 Smart Things to Do to Prep Your Swimming Pool for a Hurricane | Infographics

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There is a lot of misinformation about swimming pool prep for hurricanes.

Let’s look at what you should do:

  1. Leave the water in your pool – you will need the weight to hold it in the ground.
  2. Remove the pool cover, so high winds won’t rip it off and heavy rains won’t collapse it.
  3. Remove and store anything from and around the pool that can become a projectile.
  4. Turn off all electricity to the pool at the breaker box– ensure everything pool connected is off.
  5. Ensure deck drains are draining properly and quickly, so the surrounding area doesn’t flood.
  6. Remove a panel or two from your pool screen, as well as the door to allow winds to pass through.
  7. Super-chlorinate (shock) the pool water to help ward off bacteria brought by the storm.
  8. Store all movable furniture and pool items in the garage, so they can’t become a projectiles.
  9. Remove any canvas awnings or coverings from permanent furniture enclosures or home awnings and store in the garage.
  10. Trim any overhanging trees or nearby shrubbery to keep the storm from tossing pieces of them into the pool.

Proper preparation and pool maintenance will save a lot of headaches and limit costly repairs after a hurricane has passed. It also will lessen the chance of a lawsuit from a neighbor for not securing projectiles before the storm.


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