10 Swim Safety Tips for Kids

Swim Safety TipsSwimming can be a fun and healthy summertime activity for kids. Fresh air and exercise, along with refreshment from the summer heat, make a day at the pool a winning choice. But parents are right to be cautious, as without proper swim safety, this enjoyable pastime can become dangerous, especially for young ones. Based on the latest safety research, we’ve put together a list of 10 modern swim safety tips for kids and parents.

 Swim Safety Tips for Kids

  1. Do not jump or dive into an area of the pool where others are swimming. Be sure there is plenty of space so you won’t accidentally hit another swimmer.

  2. Never dive head-first unless you are sure the water is at least six feet deep. If you aren’t sure, jump feet-first to avoid hitting your head on a shallow bottom.

  3. Never, ever swim without supervision.

  4. Stay away from pool filters, pumps, or any kind of moving parts in the pool’s system.

  5. Even if you know how to swim a little, take a swimming class — there’s always room for improvement!

 Swim Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Keep swimming pools covered when not in use, or install a fence or gate around the pool area.

  2. Do not use water wings or other inflatable pool toys in place of life jackets; they are not effective life preservers and can create a sense of over-confidence.

  3. Learn CPR, and make sure there is always a CPR-certified adult present while children are swimming.

  4. Keep pool chemicals locked in a safe place to prevent accidental poisoning or chemical burns.

  5. Ensure that you have proper covers for all drains and skimmers, anything that creates a vortex or suction where a child’s hands, feet, or hair could become caught.

 Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility. But by keeping the above swim safety tips in mind, parents and kids will be able to enjoy themselves at the pool.

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