12 Things to Ask When Buying a Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool Vacuum CleanerLike a vacuum for your home carpeting, a pool vacuum cleaner vacuums the bottom of your pool and spa and is part of your overall swimming pool care. Before buying a pool vacuum cleaner, ask your professional these 12 important questions:

  1. Is the vacuum right for your pool or spa size? Some vacuums work better in small areas, while others work better in large pools.
  2. If you have both a pool and a spa, does the hose buoyancy and flow adjust? This is especially important if you have a large swimming pool and a small spa.
  3. How durable is the pool vacuum cleaner? Will it block easily? Will it last for many years with little repair?
  4. How does the vacuum handle angular corners? Some cleaners work best only with round pools or those with rounded corners.
  5. What type of cleaning pattern does it make (if robotic) – random or pre-determined? Random pattern cleaners are slower, while those with pre-determined patterns clean faster.
  6. Does the vacuum need to be removed after the swimming pool care is completed? Leaving some hooked up and in the pool can do damage to the filtration system.
  7. How easy will the vacuum install? How easy will it be to retrofit? The easier it is, the less costly and less time it will take.
  8. Will the pool vacuum cleaner put a strain on or damage any of the pool equipment? Some cleaners can damage elements of the filtration system over time.
  9. What does it clean well? Some vacuums clean dirt and minor debris best – good with no trees nearby, while some best clean leaves and twigs. If you have trees, you want a pool vacuum cleaner that does both well.
  10. Does it navigate steps? Very important if you have steps into your pool.
  11. Is the vacuum energy efficient? Pool vacuum cleaners can cover almost 600 miles annually. That’s a lot of electricity it’s burning.
  12. Does it operate quietly? This is important to know before buying a pool vacuum cleaner – both for the sanity of your family and that of your neighbors.

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