2015-2016 El Nino: Wetter Weather is Coming to South Florida!

Scientists predict that a severe El Nino is on its way this winter. It will bring with it a slew of strange weather occurrences—from winter tornadoes, to flooding, to typhoons and hurricanes. Residents in the Palm Beach area need to be aware of this potential phenomenon so they can prepare accordingly. Palm Beach pool services will obviously be affected by these changes.

El Nino - South Florida WinterWhat is El Nino?

El Nino occurs when the temperature warms in the ocean. Specifically, the wind will slow down or reverse, which allows warmer water to drift toward the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Although the temperature change is slight, it can create some really strange weather occurrences. El Nino generally only occurs every two to seven years, and each one is a little different. One of the most common side effect that communities in South Florida will see is increased rainfall.

Why is This El Nino Different?

The last severe El Nino occurred in 1997. During that year, an estimated 23,000 people lost their lives due to events that were attributed to El Nino. It caused $45 billion in damage. These statistics are especially concerning considering the fact that scientists are predicting that this El Nino will be significantly worse than 1997.

This El Nino started much earlier than average. Normally, the phenomenon does not begin until about June. This year, it started in March. Scientists speculate that the water was still somewhat warmer from the very mild El Nino that occurred last year. The fact that we have two El Nino occurrences two years in a row is also very unusual.

How Will This Affect West Palm Beach Pool Owners?

West Palm Beach pool owners, and those throughout South Florida, can expect some fairly severe storms this winter and even into the spring. When you have enough notice, there are steps that you can take to help protect your residential pool. We have a few suggestions, and we can also help you with Palm Beach pool service and repairs if needed.

Give the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches a call to see how you can prepare for the strange weather that is just ahead. Call (561) 203-0270 for more information.



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