4 Reasons you Should Replace Your Old Pool Heater

Pool HeaterWhen you have had your backyard swimming pool for many years, it is easy to forget or even ignore the aging pool equipment – that is, until something stops working. However, some things should be replaced before they quit on you.

One such pool element is the pool heater. There are four important reasons why you should have your West Palm Beach pool service replace your pool heater now:

1. Efficiency

With advancements in pool heater technology, many of the new heaters are much more efficient and reliable than their older counterparts.

Some new electric heaters are designed to perform very well at the 85 percent efficient limit, so that they do not condensate. This condensation combines with the byproducts of combustion, which makes the condensation very acidic. The acid corrodes the heat exchanger, which restricts the elimination of exhaust gases. Eventually, this can cause a complete failure of your heater.

Improved flow management through the heater is another feature of some new heaters, which makes it less restrictive to water being circulated by the pump. These heaters only allow 20 to 25 percent of circulating water to go through the heater with the remainder bypassing it. These heaters allow you to decrease your pump by one size, since you do not have a pressure drop across the heater.

2. Saves Energy.

Obviously, with a more efficient pool heater like the ones mentioned above, some residential pool owners have seen a savings of up to 20 to 30 percent on their utility bills. This can save you hundreds of dollars annually, even thousands over several years of use.

3. Helps the Environment.

Heaters with inlet air assist fans give more efficient fuel consumption while reducing the amount of pollutants and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions released into the environment.

The fan creates a very precise air to fuel mixture for combustion that is much more efficient. Nitrogen Oxides are a group of poisonous and highly reactive gases that affect our air quality. They are created when fuel is burned at high temperatures.

With the greater focus on our environment today, these types of pool heaters are preferable to others.

4. Convenience

Of course, the reliability of an older pool heater is iffy:

  • The chance of failure and need for repairs is much greater and happens more frequently.
  • Your family is not without the pool while you wait for repairs to be scheduled and completed.
  • No problem for your West Palm Beach pool service locating outdated parts, leaving you without the use of your pool for even longer.
  • No more repair costs with each new failure.

If you have had your pool heater for several years or it was already installed when you purchased your property…

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