4 Ways to Optimize Fun Now That Your New Pool Construction Is Complete


Video Transcript

4 Ways to Optimize Fun Now That Your New Pool Construction Is Complete

Here are four ways to get the most fun from your new pool.

1. Look at your family members –
List what type of activities each person likes?
What is the swimming skill of each member?

2. What is the size of the pool and surrounding area?
Can both sustain large group activities or just small groups?

3. Search the Internet for activities that match each person’s interests and swimming skill level.
Search both Google® and Pinterest® for the best ideas.

4. Hold a family meeting. With a prepared list of activities, decide together what activities each member would like to do.
Mom could do water exercise workouts with neighbors, rather than aerobics at the gym.

There are tons of children’s pool games and for different age levels. What you choose is limited only by your resources, effort and pool and surrounding area size.

Create fun pool toys using pool noodles. There are some really awesome ideas on the Internet.

The adults may enjoy entertaining. Move some entertaining outside. Look for ways to decorate the yard and pool.

Pool parties are fun for everyone. Hire a couple teens to act as lifeguards for the smaller children.

Use your imagination, start with what you like to do out of the pool!

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