5 Important Considerations of a Quality Pool House | Infographics

Pool House Features, Pool Care

A pool house may be anything from a gazebo-type building for changing clothes to a guest house.


  • Match the architecture and appearance of the home
  • Landscaping for privacy & ambience
  • It should be aesthetically pleasing
  • Size should fit the pool & yard


  • Easy to reach & enter
  • User-friendly interior design
  • Open air shelter from the sun with covered porch
  • Indoor area to relax


  • Affords privacy for guests, especially for changing, bathroom & bedroom areas
  • Lots of windows & skylights for great natural lighting
  • Waterproof fabrics for durability
  • Size, rooms & appliances that suits your needs
  • Area to allow entertaining to overflow into pool house
  • Fully stocked bar is no outdoor bar


  • Should be organized & clutter free
  • Inside and out of pool house for pool toys and accessories
  • Outside attached shed for storing foldable pool furniture & pool chemicals
  • Inside for extra towels and sundries
  • Shelving, cabinets, storage benches, and closets

Best Pool House Features

  • Changing room with shower
  • Full bathroom
  • Lounge area
  • Guest bedroom
  • Kitchen & bar
  • Electronics – TV, sound system, WiFi, dimmer lighting control
  • Plenty of storage

When designing a pool house for your Florida backyard, there are five considerations of which to be aware – appearance, convenience, functionality, storage and the best pool house features. A pool house must fit in with your property and provide enjoyment for family and guests, children and adults alike while meeting several needs of storage and usability. Taking these five considerations into account when deciding on a pool house design can dictate just how much use you make of the pool house. Planning ahead will make all the difference in the world to achieve your perfect pool house!‌

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