5 Great Reasons to Opt for a Natural Pool

5 Great Reasons to Opt for a Natural PoolA natural pool is a big change from the chemical pools we’re all used to – but there are a lot of benefits that make it a great option for your home.

1: Clean water

without chemicals!

Many modern pools are a delicate balancing act of adding and neutralizing chemicals, to clean the water and ensure it’s safe for swimming, free of any naturally occurring bacteria or debris.

Natural pools work entirely differently. A portion of the pool is for swimming – and portion for plants, which – as the water is filtered through them – naturally clean and purify the water, removing contaminants and consuming bacteria.

The chemicals we add to pools are not just expensive, but can cause skin problems, damage hair, and irritate. These risks are entirely removed when you choose a natural pool.

2: Low cost maintenance.

The design and build of a natural pool is a similar cost to installing any other design of pool. Once the installation and planting are complete, though, the maintenance costs for natural pools are considerably lower.

Gone are the high electricity fees for constantly running filters and pumps to ensure your pool stays clean.

Gone are the bills for pool cleaners to skim your water, add chemicals, test the water and more.

Instead your water maintains itself, without additions or chemicals, and the plant area removes bacteria and purifies the water as you enjoy the pool, meaning no down time as you wait for chemicals to balance out.

3: Natural pools are naturally beautiful.

As well as being necessary for cleaning the water in the pool the plants that make up the purifying area of a natural pool are beautiful additions to a yard.

The water sparkles, pure and clean, and the flowers and green plants thrive in the environment, making a serene and peaceful place to swim.

There are also ways to design a natural pool in which the plants that purify the water are placed at a distance, creating the illusion of a ‘traditional’ pool with all the benefits of a natural pool.

4: Environmentally friendly.

Natural pools protect the swimmer from harsh chemicals and possible damage to skin and hair, from irritation from regular exposure to chemicals that affect the skin’s natural pH balance, and from risks to health from handling these chemicals when maintaining the pool.

The water is cleaned naturally, which also means that the habitat around the pool isn’t damaged by added chemicals, but is instead naturally healthy.

5: Peace of mind.

Natural pools are beautiful, and a cheaper alternative to chemical pools.

Not only this but your health, and that of the environment, are protected.

This all adds up to a soothing, serene swim in a beautiful, natural place that benefits your health and your purse.

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