5 Trending Pool Styles

If you are looking to design a pool, a good place to start would be looking at the basic pool styles that are trending in 2019.

Luxury Swimming Pools

Luxury swimming pools combine color, texture, location, and lighting.  Water or fire bowls and fountains also add a luxurious touch and there is no particular shape or material used in this pool except that it is built to stand out from other pools.

Spa Pools

Spa pools are designed for relaxing and usually are smaller in size. They exude comfort and relaxation and are often curved in design with several accommodating seats for lounging. 

Modern Swimming Pools

The modern pool is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes and is typically a rectangle pool with an ultra modern spa level in side the pool that makes for a classic and contemporary design.  One variation popping up all over Florida is the “Sport Pool” it is deep in the middle and shallow on the ends which allows for endless summer volleyball games. This pool is designed with clean lines and colorful glass tile.

Traditional Swimming Pools

The traditional pool is the most common seen in Florida’s neighborhoods. It has the classic rectangular or kidney shape. The coping is distinct with brick or paving stones outlining the perimeter. They are framed by a large deck or patio of marble or travertine. This type of pool often includes a raised spa that spills into the pool. 

Tropical Swimming Pools

Think Gillian’s Island! Deep dark water shaded by tall palms and lush plants surround this style.  This kidney shaped pool meanders in natural organic shapes and curves and fits seamlessly with its surroundings. Tropical pools are fun to lay mosaics of fish, sharks and turtles on the steps or the bottom of the pool.

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