5 Warning Signs You Need a Pool Pump Repair



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5 Warning Signs You Need a Pool Pump Repair

A pool pump keeps your pool water clean, clear, safe and healthy.

1. Low Filter Pressure?

If it’s low on continual basis, impeller may have a problem. 

2. Leaking Water?

  • Spraying water from pump housing may be an o-rings issue.
  • Leaking water underneath could indicate a damaged motor shaft.

3. Weird noises?

  • Squealing sound – motor may need new bearings.
  • Noise like a vibrating blender – a part is out of alignment OR not enough water is moving through the pump.

4. Motor Doesn’t Start? 

  • Bad start capacitor.
  • Loose, corroded or shorted power lead.
  • If humming  rusted motor.

5. Pump Turns Off Automatically or Cycles?

  • Cycling – turns off automatically, then on again after a bit means vents may be clogged or blocked.
  • Turns off by itself after starting okay – it’s overheating. May be clogged or blocked vents.

Don’t ignore these symptoms! 

If you do, it could cause significant damage and a costly replacement.

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