5 Ways to Find the Best Pool Remodeling Company in Your Neighborhood

When you are looking to remodel your swimming pool, you need a company you can trust.

Here are five ways to find the best pool remodeling company in your area:


  • Use Google® to search for companies in your area.
  • Create a list of possible pool construction companies. Most also do remodeling.

2.Check Web Sites.

  • Where are they located?  You want someone who knows the state and local laws and area geology.
  • What are their credentials?  You want someone licensed by the State of Florida.
  • How long have they been in business? Look for longevity and experience.
  • What types of remodel projects have they done in the past? You want someone who has handled many remodeling projects like yours.
  • Delete all but the five top companies on your list.

3.Check for references & reviews.

Check for reputation and complaints for each company at:

  • ConsumerAffairs.com
  • Bbb.org (Better Business Bureau)
  • Yelp.com

Think reliability, knowledge, skill levels, and caring and competent attitude toward the job and the customer.

4.Meet with the top choices.

  • Sit down with a representative of each company. Have prepared questions to ask.
  • Ask to “see” their state contractor’s license.
  • Ensure the license is current and valid. If they show you anything else, delete them from your list.

 5 .Get Estimates.

Finally, have them give you an estimate and make your choice based on what they will do and cost.

Hiring the best pool remodeling company may seem daunting. But it is easier than you think. Though many people solely rely on recommendations from friends, that is not always enough to ensure your satisfaction.Here we give you five excellent ways to locate the best pool remodeling company that you can be sure will do the best remodeling job possible. Spending a bit of time before you hire will save you lots of regrets after the job is completed.



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