Frequently Asked Questions

South Florida pool owners have questions and Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is here to answer them.

What is the first thing I should look for when choosing a pool company?

The first thing anyone should look for when choosing a pool company is licensing. With so many wing ding pool service trucks driving around it’s hard to tell who has the credentials and knowledge necessary to take care of your pool. ┬áNot just anyone can call themselves pool service techs! Make sure you check out their websites (if they have one) before trying them out. Look for customer testimonials and certifications and awards! The State of Florida has made sure that each and every pool company owner passes strict testing for their licensing, it’s a lot harder than most people are aware of. All pools require some type of chemical in order for a perfect balance making them necessary but dangerous to handle and techs have to be certified in order to use them.

How will I know if someone actually shows up?

It’s even harder to tell when someone has been there! Our experienced techs sign a card each time letting you know they were there so you arrive home feeling confident and secure in knowing that your pool was taken care of as promised.

If I have an emergency is someone around to answer my call?

We are on call 24/7 and if you miss us we will get back to you asap!

If I need repairs are there any guarantees?

Pool Doctor fully guarantees all of their work on service and repairs.

Do I have to pay for an analysis?

We go above and beyond with our “free analysis” on how we can maintain the perfect backyard experience for less, this includes our on-site consultation and estimate.

Do I have to sign a contract?

You are under no obligation to sign a contract.

What are my payment options?

Every pool company is different. Pool Doctor offers options to keep the service and the payments running smoothly!

*Most efficient is automatic pay

*Customers can pay online

* Customers can call and pay over the phone

*Billing can be set-up through e-billing and go paperless!


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