7 Simple Pool Renovations

Many pool owners are taking the plunge and renovating their in ground pools by both build and design. Here are 7 easy pool renovations to make your pool pop and give it instant “curb appeal”.633568_77605806

  1. Pool “landscaping”

Waterfalls, decorative rocks, jump rocks, or a hot tub will all add visual appeal to the design of your in ground pool without requiring a total overhaul.

  1. Shape shifter

Another drastic option is changing the size, shape or depth of the pool. This option certainly takes some building, planning and designing, but will completely reinvent the pool. Not the design type? Get us on board, we have 26 years of experience in re-creating drab pools and can bring that experience to your help!

  1. Interior finish

The interior finish of an in ground pool seems unnoticeable at first thought; however, taking a mundane plaster design and swapping it with ornate tile or lavish fiberglass will provide quite the pool transformation.

  1. Mechanical system

Upgrading the mechanical system of an in ground pool does not exactly strike as a renovation, but advances in technology can improve pool performance and maintenance.

  1. Lighting

Most people do not consider lighting as something to do with in ground pool design. This is a simple option but will make a huge difference. LED lighting systems in the pool can literally light the water up in various shades without creating an annoying glare. Use low-voltage lighting around the pool area and make it easy to see but takes away the harshness of high voltage lights.

  1. Transform the surroundings

Adding furniture to the deck surrounding your in ground pool is another easy way to give it a face lift. Even something as small as upgrading the cushions on existing furniture will create a new design feel. If the pool renovation budget is a bit larger, consider adding an outdoor kitchen for entertaining or building a lounge around the pool to enhance the spa feel.

  1. Ditch that old dive board

A final option is to simply remove the outdated features that were previously added. Removing that old diving board may be just what your pool needs to feel new.


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