7 Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks for the Summer

7 Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks for the Summer

Want more time in your swimming pool than maintaining it? Here are eight pool maintenance hacks you will love:

  1. To remove leaves from your swimming pool cover, try using a leaf blower. Allow the leaves to dry in the sun first. You may need to do a large pile in layers, allowing the newly exposed leaves to dry each time. You will be less likely to damage your pool cover.
  2. Oil from makeup, sunscreen, hair products or just the body can accumulate on the water surface. Drop a few clean tennis balls into the water. They will soak up the oil and then can be tossed in the trash.
  3. If your pool skimmer is not getting those finer particles from the water, such as pollen and dead insects, place a pair of pantyhose over the skimmer basket. Afterwards, throw the pantyhose away.
  4. If you do not have a skimmer or the net is bad, use a window screen to filter the surface water. No waiting, it cleans up quickly when done.
  5. Low on water chemistry supplies and pH level is low? Baking soda will increase the alkalinity of your swimming pool and increase the pH level.
  6. To quickly clean those small stains on the pool tiles, mix some baking soda with a bit of water to create a paste. Place some on a sponge or brush to scrub off the stain. Baking soda does not affect your water chemistry negatively.
  7. To determine if a stain on your pool is caused by metal or is organic, try this trick. Pour pH decrease into a sock and attach it to the end of a telescopic pole. Place the sock over the stain and leave for two minutes.

If it removes the stain, then the cause is metallic. Use a chemical for removing metals to clear the pool and keep from getting new stains.

If it does not remove the stain, it is organic and can be removed with a brush and a high amount of chlorine.

Note: Hacks, by their very nature, are interesting shortcuts that use items on hand in odd ways. They do not replace the quality of regular and professional pool cleaning and maintenance.


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