7 Trending Small Pool Styles

7 Trending Small Pool StylesA small swimming pool is a great way to add an artistic flair to any property, and add the beauty and value of a pool to a smaller lot size. But small doesn’t mean it must lack function or form. A small pool can provide years of fun and enjoyment for a family or a little romantic privacy for a couple.

Today’s small pools fit no blueprint. They are as varied and unique as the landscapes and people. If you are looking to design a small pool then a good place to start would be looking at the basic pool styles that are trending in 2014.

Luxury Swimming Pools

These pools are designed to be art. They combine color, texture, location, lighting, and art to create an ambiance that enhances the landscape or architecture. There is no particular shape or materials used in this pool that defines it, except that it is built to stand out from other pools.

Spa Pools

Whether the spa comes with a waterfall or not, it is designed to be a relaxing addition to any home or garden. The emphasis is on comfort and relaxation. The pools are often curved in design with several layers. Lighting is as important as the shape.

The spa pool is the one used most often in the natural swimming pond style of designer pools.

Modern Swimming Pools

The modern pool is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. Their vivid colors are enhanced by creative displays of mosaic tile. Everything is designed around creative simplicity. They lack the embellishment of other pool designs but can still have their own sense of beauty. Size is not a factor in this pool design.

Mediterranean or Tuscan Style Swimming Pools

These pools reflect back the bright blue water color, often against white backgrounds. They maintain traditional Greek or Roman shapes. The stone decking is most popular. Colorful ceramic tiles may accent the waterline, but a simple white is also popular.

The Mediterranean pool is part of the architecture, neither accenting it, nor standing alone. It ‘is’ part of the house design. Trees and planters, or a waterfall, are the traditional embellishments.

A variation of this is the English Garden with its Greek Temple garden or Highgrove house.

Traditional Swimming Pools

The traditional, or American style pool, is the most common seen in Florida’s neighborhoods. They have the Classic rectangular or kidney shape. The coping is distinct with brick or paving stones outlining the perimeter. They are framed by a large deck or patio.

Today, they often include a raised spa that spills into the pool. Landscaping and architectural features usually stand well back from the pool allowing it to be the center of attention.

Tropical Swimming Pools

What do you think of when you shut your eyes and imagine the tropics? Think dark deep water, shaded by tall palms and lush plants. The pool meanders in natural organic shapes and curves which defy modern, square property boundaries.

This pool design style allows for a colorful artistic touch. It is not uncommon to inlay fish, turtles, or any tropical motif on the bottom of the pool.

Designer Swimming Pools

Inspiration can be derived from the past such as the French Quarter classic with walled gardens and lush ‘New Orleans cottage style’ gardens. To something ultra-modern like an urban style pool that cascades into a canal. Or maybe something in between, like burying an ultra-modern pool deep inside a wooded area.

One variation that is popping up all over Florida include an indoor/outdoor pool that defies walls and boundaries. This is truly a union of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle Floridians exemplify.