Pool Care in Palm Beach County

Pool Care for Warmer Climates

Living in Palm Beach County with warm weather almost year round, it should be no surprise that one of the most popular outdoor activities is taking a dip in the pool.

Swimming pool care is not the same worldwide. Climate  can have an effect on pool maintenance. In warm weather climates, particularly in Palm Beach County, it is expected that your pool is used more often so your pool care activities will be more frequent.

Pool Care Tips

Take note of these pool care tips to maintain sanitation and ensure that you get maximum enjoyment swimming! 

  • Add chemicals in the evening

Normally, pool owners will do this during the day. However, in warm climates, the chemicals tend to easily evaporate. This is especially true if you are using liquid chlorine. Doing this at night, when it is a little cooler, you can easily adjust your pool balance without having to use large amounts of chemicals.

  • Make adjustments in filtering and other systems

Check and clean pool filter(s) frequently. A pool in a warm climate is more likely to have additional demands for pool care.  The pool filter might require more cleaning than usual because it will be running a few more hours every day.

  • Add more water

In warmer climates, water will evaporate more quickly.  Therefore, you will have to add more water to the pool. This will also ensure that the pool systems will have a high enough level of pool water to properly function.

  • Hire a pool service company

Because of the additional work that is required with maintaining a pool in a warm climate like Palm Beach County, it would probably be wise to hire a pool service company to perform pool care for you. This will spare you from the hassles of correcting imbalances (especially if you have little experience or knowledge of it) and it will give you more time to actually enjoy your pool and fill your schedule with other important activities.  Contact the pool care professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to discover your pool service options or click here.

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