What’s Involved in the Best Pool Maintenance Services?

What's Involved in the Best Pool Maintenance ServicesWhen you’re looking for a company to carry out your regular pool maintenance there are a few basic things you should look for in maintaining a pool. Keeping your pool clean, safe and in good condition relies on ensuring that regular maintenance is carried out, checks are made, and the water is kept clean and chemically balanced.

Most companies will arrange to visit your pool weekly to carry out the basic cleaning and maintenance requirements, and they will check at each visit whether more significant items need to be done.

The regular tasks you need to check that your pool maintenance company will carry out are:

  • Skimming the surface of your pool to remove any floating leaves, debris or other unwanted flotsam and jetsam.
  • Vacuuming the bottom of your pool to remove any sunken debris
  • Testing and adjusting the chemical levels in your pool, to keep the water balanced and avoid the risk of damage to the pool surface itself, or to the filters.
  • Brushing the interior surfaces and tiling of the pool to ensure they’re clean
  • Emptying the skimmer and the pump baskets and cleaning the filters
  • Adding water to the pool if it’s needed

A good pool maintenance company will also offer additional services. These items are important to do, but don’t need to happen on a weekly basis. These include:

  • Cleaning pools that have become contaminated, or who have turned green, brown or black (this might require emptying and replacing the water altogether)
  • Re-grouting the pool tiles and hand cleaning the tiled surfaces
  • Acid washing the pool
  • Replacing pool filters annually
  • Repairing auto-pool cleaners
  • Phosphate treatments to maintain the purity of the water

Most pool cleaning companies will carry out this regular pool maintenance and cleaning weekly. If your pool is covered, or indoors, this might be too often. If your pool is outdoors without shelter and used daily, it might be that you need more regular maintenance. Though most people’s needs are similar, there is no one-size-fits-all service and a good pool maintenance company will discuss your needs in detail before telling you their recommendations.

Your regular pool maintenance team will communicate what tasks they’ve carried out, usually via a written record in which the chemical balance and condition of the pool is recorded and the cleaning that has been carried out. Any larger maintenance tasks that might need carrying out will usually be noted on this record for you to discuss at your convenience.

Most companies will work on a monthly contract basis, and if you are asked to commit to a longer period and significant payments in advance always suggest a trial period first to ensure that you’re happy with the work being carried out. Pool maintenance is important, you have the right to be happy with the company who maintain your pool.