Getting the Best from Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

1.Water chemistry.

Even if you have pool maintenance weekly, you should:

  • Learn how to test the water chemistry,
  • Keep some chemicals on hand and safely stored,
  • Test the water in between maintenance visits, and
  • Balance the water chemistry when needed.

Though this is part of the contractual service, keeping the water chemistry in balance at all times means less problems down the road.

2.Plan ahead.

If your pool has had a lot of use lately and you are planning a big event, plan ahead.

Let your pool maintenance company know 2-to-3 weeks ahead.

Tell them if it is and/or will be having a lot of use in the meantime.

This allows the technician to ensure the pool is ready for your big event.

3.Do the necessary repairs now.

When the pool maintenance technician tells you a repair is needed, do not put it off.

Trying to put it off or just trying to patch the problem will only create bigger and costlier problems.

4.Don’t help by draining the pool before a major repair.

Your pool could “pop” out of the ground.

5.Be good to your technician.

We are all humans. We tend to go the extra mile for those who treat us well:

  • Remove obstacles from the yard the day your pool maintenance technician visits – eliminates falls and injuries.
  • Ensure all pet droppings are picked up.
  • Don’t allow your pets or children in the backyard during maintenance. The technician should not be liable for their safety, nor be bothered while trying to work.
  • Keep the pool and deck area empty of people and toys.
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