When Is The Best Time Of Year To Build A Pool


Deciding exactly when to build a pool is not always easy. Starting construction during the wrong time of year without paying attention to weather forecasts and other trends can make a project more complex than necessary. It is best to look at the season and the schedules of everyone in the family before making a decision. Each season has advantages and disadvantages.

What Season Brings The Best Time Of Year To Build A Pool


Summer is one of the best times for construction because it is convenient and relatively stable. Summer temperatures are largely predictable. There are fewer severe storms than other seasons. Additionally, many people have added flexibility and vacation days so that it is easier to work with contractors. One of the drawbacks of building in the summer is that waiting until late in the season can leave little time to swim and have fun during the rest of the year.


Fall is often a good time to build a pool because construction costs are lower than during the spring or summer. Contractors frequently call the fall the off-season. Workloads are lighter. This makes it possible to negotiate lower prices for construction. Starting to build early in the fall provides good temperatures and stable weather before cold air and storms arrive. The disadvantage to building in the fall is that the family might not be able to get in the water until the weather becomes warmer the next year.


Winter is the worst time to start construction. Cold winter weather can cause problems with concrete. It can take longer to cure properly. Shifting temperatures between day and night in the winter can also result in problems controlling moisture during construction. Extra moisture caused by condensation can weaken or ruin the project. A few nights of cold temperatures can make it very difficult or expensive to excavate the ground. Homeowners will want to avoid starting construction in the winter at all costs.


Spring is a popular time to start building a pool although some caution has to be taken. The weather in the spring can be unpredictable. Large storms can delay or derail construction. A positive aspect of building in the spring is that pleasant temperatures will allow workers to complete the job faster and more efficiently. Spring is also a good choice because the entire project will be done in time for the summer so the family can enjoy swimming and spending time in the water.

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