Blue-Green Algae in Swimming Pools and Spas

Algae – A Good Reason for Proper Pool Maintenance

Cyanobacteria, otherwise known as blue-green algae, are a form of bacteria. Blue-green algae are commonly found in water filled environments such as swimming pools because it thrives in sunlight. Even small amounts of these bacteria can develop rapidly when the pool sanitizer levels drop and the water condition is favorable, resulting in a pool of green water.algae

Blue-green algae are microscopic organisms that can be present in the water without being noticed until the chemicals used to sanitize the pool are not maintained at adequate or consistent levels which can result in a blue-green algae outbreak. When this occurs, the water color of the affected pool or spa will alter depending on its severity. Most of the time its color will be green and then will turn bluish as the algae begins to multiply. The presence of too much algae with this kind of trait is called bloom.

The presence of blue-green algae signals problems for the pool owner because it is difficult to eradicate completely. The best approach is preventive maintenance, which is why it is important to clean and maintain the pool and spa with consistency, especially when temperatures are at their highest. Algaecide used on a regular basis can also help prevent algae.

In the presence of algae blooms, specific procedures involving chemicals are necessary to clean the water and remove the algae. One of the most effective methods of removal is called shocking. Shocking is when large amounts of chlorine are mixed in the water to kill the algae resulting in the water appearing cloudy, which indicates the algae are dead. The pool surfaces must be brushed thoroughly and the pool must be vacuumed to further remove any remnants. After shocking, the water should be tested.

A salt water chlorinator is another method to consider acquiring in order to avoid algae growth. The sanitizing level of the water remains consistent on a daily basis which controls and diminishes the growth of algae.

These are some of the reasons why pool and spa owners benefit from maintenance performed by pool professionals. If you are uncomfortable determining the chemicals and the quantity needed to get the most effective outcome or you prefer not to handle or be exposed to the chemicals needed to keep your pool or spa in a clear and healthy condition, consider allowing a pool professional to provide the right maintenance and cleaning options for you. Many pool and spa owners in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas depend on the professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to keep their pools clean and clear.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have questions about algae in your pool or  pool maintenance or click here.


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