Boca Raton Provides a Luxurious Paradise for Professionals

Boca Raton Provides a Luxurious Paradise for ProfessionalsOne of Florida’s best loved cities, populated in the main by white collar professionals, Boca Raton is a haven for those Florida residents who like a touch of luxury in their day to day lives.

A coastal city with a growing population, the strict development codes mean that the center has a traditional and sophisticated air, with Mediterranean inspired architecture and wide streets lined with local trees and plant life.

Much of the population of the city work in highly paid environments, often in computing or finance, and the average income is considerably higher than the national average, meaning that there is an air of luxury and class to the area, where the many inlets and seafront position lead to many people taking part in water sports and owning their own yachts or luxury boats.

The IBM personal computer was created in Boca Raton and the area is still well known now for the high concentration of academics, mathematicians and computing engineers.

With a number of celebrated restaurants, theatres and music halls, and many designer and high end stores in the city’s Malls and center, Boca Raton is a place where the wealthy enjoy the trappings of their lifestyles in comfort.

The sun shines year round, and in the famed Florida weather the architecture of local homes has been heavily influenced by Mediterranean designs, with cool courtyards, shaded gardens, and private pools in many homes and yards for the local population to keep cool and indulge in the Florida lifestyle.

The strict regulations mean that there are no garish billboards or eyesores in the city center and Boca Raton residents enjoy a sophisticated environment in which properties cost more than elsewhere in Florida, but come with access to spectacular sea views, the many inlets and harbors that offer access to many water sports, sailing activities and luxury yachts where the city’s high earning population can live up to their work hard, play hard ideals close to home.

With stunning sea views, an array of palm trees dotted throughout the city, and an abundance of wildlife, Boca Raton is the perfect blend of some of America’s most beautiful scenery and weather, and a hard working population who happily enjoy the fruits of their labors in luxury and style.

Well educated, white collar workers love the culture, sophistication and opportunities to indulge their taste for the finer things in life, with a classy and stylish city filled with classy and stylish people in a city populated by those who know how to enjoy the fruits of their labors in style.

Most homes, priced and designed to suit the high earning, hard working population of the area, boast stunning pools or water features in the yard, and designing the perfect pool, or redesigning to stamp your own mark on your home, couldn’t be easier with the Pool Doctor team.

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