Breathe New Life Into An Old Pool

 Turn Your Pool Into A New Pool With A Simple Remodel

Has your pool lost its pizzazz?  Have you looked at your pool and thought it could be more pleasing to the eye?  Maybe the design is outdated and you’re thinking about your options for a new look.  Ideas for recreating your pool are endless and the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can provide you with a variety of options that will turn your old pool into relaxing haven.  A simple remodel can give your pool a new look, give it more life and turn it a favored spot in your home that you once again enjoy spending time in. Of course you will get a new entertainment area with a remodel and your pool parties will not be the same any more.

Here’s a quick idea of what we can do:
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  • Interior Resurfacing

This works to give old gunite pools a more modern look. Whether you want to restore the plain white areas or install a new, more colorful designer look with stain-resistant plaster, durable pebble surfaces, custom water-line tile, or a stunning inlaid mosaic, there’s plenty to choose from. We will advise you based on the location of your pool and what overall effect you want to achieve.

  • Decking

Give the area around your pool a more modern and colorful look. We give you lots to choose from, so whatever your taste and your overall desired look for your pool area, you have plenty of options. We provide both styles and materials, and you can choose between pavers, brick, travertine marble, simple-but-beautiful patios, and multi-level entertainment areas. Again, we work with you to make sure that whatever design you choose, you are shown the  best materials to make it all happen.

  • Atmospheric Updates

This is about creating a whole new atmosphere around your pool area. Since most pools have landscapes around them, we work to transform these so that they not only make the area around your pool as good as new, but also blend in with the rest of the landscaping in your yard. We install new lighting as well which highlights your pool and surroundings in a new way. You can change the colors of the lighting using the remote control system that we will provide you.

  • Water Features

Imagine if you could use your pool for more than just the regular swim. You can choose from jets and bubblers to fountains and waterfalls. You can add more than one feature, making your pool that much more enjoyable. Equipment Upgrades

The technical aspects of your pool can leave you feeling overwhelmed sometimes, especially when it comes to repair or upgrades. We provide you with automated controls, remote access, self-running cleaners and more to make sure that servicing your pool is no longer a dreary chore and does not burn a hole in your pocket every time you do it.

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