Challenges of Permit Approval

Why is my pool construction project taking sooooo long???   

With today’s booming economy, many homeowners are moving forward with project’s they’ve been putting off.  The influx of building in the construction industry is making the permit process take longer than normal. Town’s are having to hire plan reviewers in order to keep up with the applications.  This does not mean “quicker approval response”.  Once the homeowner signs on the dotted line and submits their deposit, they want their project completed “next week.”  The first obstacle we come across, and one we find most frustrating, is the fact that not all towns follow the same guidelines. 

Zoning could approve a pool and the plan reviewer can dis-approve it. 

Most homeowners expect us to go to bat for them and we do as much as that town will allow, sometimes we have no choice and have to let the customer know the town is ultimately holding the cards.  

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