How to Choose your Family Pool

Enjoy a Little Luxury and Improve your Health with your Family Pool

pool32Spending time with your family and friends at the pool is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing pastimes that you can do. If you are lucky enough to live in Florida with its all year round sunshine climate, investing in a high-end family pool is a sound investment. Apart from the potential to add value to your real estate the enjoyment and fun which it will provide cannot be measured.

After a hard day’s work, a high-end family pool can give you that little bit of luxury with a lot of health benefits too. Having a swimming pool on your doorstep is far less hassle than going to the gym, so there will be no excuse now for not having any exercise! But don’t let that put you off – there’ll be plenty of times to enjoy drinks by the pool too!

Does Size Matter when it Comes to Your Family Pool?

When designing a family pool there are several factors which need to be considered so before you start planning your first party, let’s have a quick look at the practical details.

1. What Pool Shape would suit your Family?

It is important to choose a design which will be attractive whilst practical. If you intend to have an outdoor spa or would like an outdoor kitchen this can be incorporated into the design. It is also important to consider the existing layout and structure of your house as your luxury family pool should compliment both the house construction and landscaping.

2. How will you use your Pool?

If you are a fitness fanatic and intend to do it for swimming laps or playing sports this will also determine the shape and length of the design. Equally you may prefer to have a special shallow area which is suitable for young children.

3. The Existing Landscape

The area available, sun coverage and the existence of any well-established trees can all influence the design as there little point installing a top end family pool if it is going to be spoilt by overhanging trees.

4. Budget

Investing in a family pool can add value to your property but everyone has their financial limits. There are family pools to suit a wide range of budgets but it is important to consider this before starting the pool design.

5. Guidelines and Regulations

Before designing the pool confirm whether your township or subdivision has imposed any restrictions or has any regulations with regards to lot coverage.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Another consideration is that of accessories. Although accessories can often be incorporated into your luxury swimming pool after construction it is usually far easier and less expensive to install accessories such as outdoor lights, handrails for steps, diving boards and slides as part of the initial installation.

Maintenance equipment such as filter systems, steps and skimmers are also essential items which should be included in the initial design.

Pool Construction Materials

Once you have considered these points you can then consider what type of material to use for your luxury family swimming pool (this is the fun part!). Custom concrete is a very versatile material and offers a custom design without the added expense of a luxury material such as marble.

It is also extremely versatile and allows a virtually unlimited choice of shape, depth and size with a wide variety of finishes.
Whatever design you choose for your luxury family pool a top end pool will increase your real estate investment while providing the perfect venue for family birthdays, lazy weekends and even a (little) exercise.

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