Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Swimming Pool

Choosing Swimming PoolOften, the first step of designing your dream swimming pool is deciding how large it will be. Everything else hinges upon having the right pool size! And if you get it wrong, fixing it after the fact can be costly, if not impossible. Since size really does matter, how do you know what the right swimming pool size is? To find out, just ask yourself these simple questions.

How Big Is Your Yard?

A good starting point for deciding on your pool size is to measure the dimensions of your yard.  This is the limiting factor in how large your swimming pool can be. But also, consider how much of the yard you’re willing to give over to the pool. 

Why Are You Building a Swimming Pool?

The right swimming pool size is relative. It depends on what you plan to use the pool for is it mostly for the children? Or did your doctor recommend lap swimming as physical therapy? Each of these things requires a different sized pool, both in length and in depth. For lap swimming, you need to make sure it is long enough that you aren’t hitting the edges before you even begin. If your pool is mainly for cooling off or letting the kids splash around, then a smaller, shallower pool is best.

Who Will Use Your Pool?

When thinking about your pool size, remember that your immediate family are not the only ones who will be using the pool. Pool parties, barbecues, and family get-togethers will undoubtedly increase the occupancy of your pool. You should plan for 15 square feet of surface water per swimmer.

A 10′ x 20′ pool has 200 square feet good for up to 13 people.

 Let Experts Help You Choose the Right Size.

It may take a little extra time, but it is definitely worth it to take your time and ask the right questions to get the correct swimming pool size. The experts at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can help design the perfect pool for you. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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