Need curb appeal? Install a Fountain just like this one in West Palm Beach

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches recently finished installing a stunning water fountain in the driveway of a stately Caloosa Community home in West Palm Beach.

Before the Fountain:

before fountain

As you can see, the driveway was spacious and well-designed, but something was needed to add architectual interest and define the driveway from the walkway towards the front entrance. The homeowners decided they wanted a fountain. The roll of duct tape shows where the fountain was to be installed.

Renovations are ugly:


Whenever you undertake a renovation or addition, bear in mind that the end product will justify the ugly in the meantime. We started with taking out the bricks where the fountain and the pipe were going to be installed.renovations 2.After installing the pipe, we laid out the form for the concrete basin. Pretty soon the fountain took shape.renovations 3

We lined the inside with a geometric border of small square tiles in various sizes. The navy blue of the tile complemented the brick of the driveway beautifully. It even pulled out a bit of blue and purple from some of the darker bricks. On the outside of the base we gave it an adobe-like finish to blend it with the Spanish architecture of the home.

renovations 4

Look at how sparkling and refreshing the water in the fountain is! While construction wasn’t yet finished, the finished fountain was just around the bend.

The Finished Product:

Need curb appeal? Install a Cirio Fountain just like this one in West Palm Beach

To give the fountain a settled in look, we added landscaping that matched the rest of the property. The homeowners knew what they wanted and were savvy enough to employ us to help execute their dream. Now they have a beautiful, functional fountain that looks like it always belonged there.

With over two decades of experience, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has served the neighborhoods within Palm Beach county in all their pool needs. Do you have a pool or fountain dream? Please contact us to see how we might help you achieve that dream.

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