Infographics – Steps to Clean a Green Pool

Clean a Green Pool

Steps to Clean a Green Pool

You are blessed to live in Southern Florida. However, one of the inconveniences of the warm tropical climate is the tendency of pool water to turn green.

What causes the water in your pool to turn green?

Tiny marine creatures known as algae are the most common culprits and they thrive in Florida‘s warm climate.

 If your pool water is green, don’t worry! 

You can achieve crystal clear water once again.

Remember, though, preventative maintenance is key because blue-green algae are difficult to eradicate completely.

Here are a few additional swimming pool algae removing steps:

  1. Brushing Scrub off the algae from the floor and pool sides using a pool brush.

  2. Algaecide  Helps prevent algae when used on a regular basis.

  3. Shocking  Large amounts of chlorine are mixed in the water to kill algae.

  4. Salt Water Chlorinator Helps maintain the sanitizing level of the water to control and diminish algae growth.

  5. Combining Techniques You may need to combine these methods to successfully clean a green pool.

Your best bet is to hire a professional pool cleaning company (like us) to do a thorough and proper cleaning, and then to maintain crystal clear pool water from then on.

Clean a Green Pool

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