Cleaning Your Swimming Pool after a Hurricane

Hurricanes bring more than just high force winds and heavy rainfall.

They bring debris, bacteria, soil and sewage (especially if your yard flooded), and all types of projectiles.

Here’s what to do after any waters have receded:

1.Safety first.

  • Ensure there are no electrical lines down – on or near your property.
  • Stay clear of the entire area until the lines have been removed.
  • Check all structures for snakes, reptiles, and poisonous spiders.
  • Have even those that appear dead removed before continuing.
  • Put the panels and gate back on the screened enclosure or gate back on your security fence.
  • Check fence or enclosure for integrity in keeping children out of the pool area.

2.Check the structure’s integrity.

  • Do not remove the pool water without first checking with a pool professional.
  • The ground is saturated with water, and the pool could pop out of the ground.
  • Check for any damage to the pool structure.
  • If there has been severe damage to the pool structure, call your insurance agent before proceeding with any swimming pool repairs or swimming pool maintenance.

3.Check the equipment.

  • If equipment has been flooded or soaked, have an electrician check the circuits and each electrical fitting.
  • Then, have your pool professional check the components for any needed replacements.
  • If you removed exposed equipment, reinstall it.

4.Remove any large debris or objects in the pool.

  • If possible, without getting in the pool and try to not damage the pool in the process.

5.Water quality.

  • To avoid damage to equipment from soil and other debris in the water, call your pool professional to assess your needs and do the proper swimming pool maintenance.
  • Doing it yourself can cause damage to equipment.

6.Balance the chemistry.

  • Do this yourself, as well as any of the other steps, only if you experienced little of the storm and everything appears normal.
  • Calling your pool professional to do the assessment and clean up is the best and easiest way to handle your swimming pool after a direct hit or near-miss hurricane.

7Call you Pool service company and ask for more tips to prepare! 

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