Best Pool Cleaning Company in West Palm Beach Compares Maintenance Costs

Pool Maintenance CostsPool maintenance cost is a frequent topic among pool owners. Having to test pH levels, carefully measure out chemicals, and put the time into manual pool maintenance is difficult for some while many also believe that hiring a pool cleaning company is out of their budget. The best pool cleaning company in West Palm Beach is here to help you understand the breakdown of pool maintenance costs!


It is a commonly held belief that maintaining your own pool is the cheapest option. First of all, if you do not have the time to spend on the manual maintenance as well as the proper tools to check levels and ensure everything is running smoothly, this option is not the best one for you. Improper pool maintenance is sure to cost more money in long run, so it is important to read your manuals and consult your trusted pool company. Start-up costs for pool maintenance is about $110 on average and monthly costs can range from $20 to $100 per month in chemicals, bringing the total yearly cost to approximately $190-$510 not including any additional costs for opening or closing the pool. You should also plan to spend several hours per month on vacuuming and skimming your pool, as well as checking your filter and pump for proper operation.

Pool cleaning company

A pool cleaning company typically comes to maintain your pool once a week, which will include checking and correcting pH levels, manual maintenance, and pump/filter checks. This service will cost approximately $75-165 per month, depending on the type and size of your pool, bringing the total cost per year for pool maintenance to about $300-660. Adding in opening and closing of the pool will be about an additional $200 per season and includes all necessary components.

Bottom line

As you can see, the costs between do-it-yourself maintenance and hiring a company are very similar. A pool cleaning company certainly saves you time, but also ensures that your pool is properly maintained which saves money in the long run.

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