Costly Do-It-Yourself Pool Repair

Do-It-Yourself Is Not Always The Best Option

Do It Yourself Pool RepairBefore you embark on a do-it-yourself (DIY) pool cleaning or repair project, you should ensure you actually know what you are doing. Sometimes, what looks to be a simple and easy project is fraught with all types of costly repercussions if not done correctly. reported one such story of Jessica Pedraza of Brandon, Florida, who ended up with an extremely costly mess after attempting what she thought was nothing more than a simple and easy DIY project. She just wanted to repair and clean her swimming pool.

After draining her pool, she and her husband came home 24 hours afterward to find one side of the pool had popped up out of the ground by four feet. The force of the pool popping up additionally had damaged the family’s screened patio.

Jessica stated that she did not anticipate having any issues with the repair and cleaning. She also stated that she did not know what was happening at first and immediately called 911. Fortunately, Jessica’s house was okay, but she will be responsible for paying for the pool damages; because they are not covered by her insurance policy. The insurance adjuster also stated that the damages are Jessica’s fault, because she did not release the pressure value at the bottom prior to draining the pool … something a professional pool maintenance service would know to do.

Do-It-Yourself May Save Money But At What Costs

Now, rather than saving money by doing the repair and cleaning of the pool herself, the repair of the pool and screened porch will be costly. First, the pool must be removed and will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. It will cost another $60,000 to have a new pool installed.

Pedraza is attempting to appeal to the insurance company and has hired an attorney. She has stated that she paid for coverage on her pool. The insurance company, however, points to an exclusion in her policy that states “water below the surface of the ground … which exerts pressure on … a swimming pool or other structure”, which basically means these type of damages are not covered.

Pedraza has stated that she is not interested in having a pool anymore. So, before doing your own pool maintenance, remember that services like the Pool Doctor are trained to do it right and avoid costly DIY repercussions.