How Do I Create a Travertine Pool Deck in Boynton Beach, Florida?

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Before considering what material to use, let’s take a step back.  Living in Boynton Beach with glorious sunshine guaranteed all year round, why not make the most of your outdoor space by having a pool.  Imagine those great times you will have chilling by the pool, sipping cocktails, playing with the children, and having fun with friends.

Choose a Low Maintenance Pool Deck

If you are going to obtain the maximum benefits from your pool, and enjoy those fun times, it is important to select a pool deck which requires minimal maintenance.  One of the products we recommend for this is Travertine.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural product which is found predominantly in Turkey, although the Romans used it for building.   As it is a natural product each piece is unique and will have a slightly different coloration or pattern, but it is this which makes it so attractive.  It has a natural beauty which will fit well into any Boynton Beach pool deck.

It comes in a wide range of colors, from a pale ivory to a walnut brown with every color combination in between. The variation in color is caused either by the iron oxide content in the stone, or the reaction which has occurred between water and minerals in the surroundings.

Although slightly more expensive to purchase then other options it is easier to lay than other materials and once laid can be easily replaced if necessary.

Hold onto your Cocktails!

Travertine has many advantages.  It has a non-slip surface is easily repairable and cost effective when compared to other natural resources such as marble or limestone.  Due to the fact that every stone is unique ensures a myriad of designs and patterns allowing you to create a bespoke design for your pool.

The only disadvantage is that there is no bounce factor.  If objects which are hard or heavy will result in immediate breakages – so hold onto your cocktail glasses.

How do I Look After a Travertine Pool Deck?

You will be glad to hear that Travertine pool deck maintenance is minimal.

We recommend using a pressure washer to wash the grout every 6 months or so.  If the travertine is sealed, it will also need to be resealed on an annual basis.

If weeds appear between the cracks this is soon remedied with a chemical deterrent.

Enjoy Your Boynton Beach Pool Deck

Knowing that maintenance is minimal offers you peace of mind and ensures that you can relax and enjoy your pool.   But hey!  What happened to our invites to the cocktail party?