Custom In-Ground Spa in Boynton Beach FL

What is an In Ground Spa?

inground spa Boynton beachAn in-ground spa, as the name implies is one which is installed into the ground. The benefits of using an in-ground design is that it gives greater stability and also offers a much wider range of landscape design options in comparison to using a portable or patio spa. Apart from selecting the basic spa design this can be enhanced by the use of additional features which cater for your personal taste and requirements. This may include water features such as fountains a patio area or even an outdoor kitchen.

Will a Custom In-Ground Spa in Boynton Beach, Fl be Expensive to Run?

If you take care of your spa running costs do not need to be excessive. For an average spa the costs for energy and water will be approximately $30 per month. The main expenses occur if you don’t maintain it and it requires decontamination.

How can I Maintain my In-Ground Spa, Boynton Beach, Fl?

It is usually recommended that your hot tub (or spa) is drained and refilled every 3 months. This frequency should be increased if the water becomes gritty, clouded or it is clear that the water is not clean and cannot be remedied using the recommended chemical products.

What are the Benefits of a Custom In-Ground Spa?

A spa can provide enjoyment for all the family. Children love the water and it is a great way of creating a bonding time with parents. In terms of health benefits using a spa on a regular basis can provide stress relief, improve cardiovascular strength and relieve insomnia.

How do I Create an In-Ground Spa?

It is important to seek expert advice in this area. Usually a consultant will do a ground survey and you can then discuss your needs and requirements with them. This survey will consider the space available, the soil type and ease of access for construction equipment. If your yard is on a sloping lot or has an unusual shape or there is only limited access to construction equipment this can have an impact on price. It is always advisable to seek professional advice as to what will be feasible.

It is important to remember that in-ground spas are permanent features and so careful consideration should be given to their location and landscaping of the surrounding area. An attractive spa may even add value to your property.

Here are some questions which may help you to create your custom in-ground spa Boynton Beach, Fl:-

1. How will you use the spa?

Deciding who will use it and for what purpose will help you to decide on the best location for it.

2. What is your budget?

If you are on a limited budget this may restrict your design options but it is still possible to acquire an attractive on-ground spa.

3. Do you have insurance?

It is important to check that you have a valid insurance policy. This should be in place before any work takes place and should cover any damage caused by the contractor, sub-contractors and property damage as well as public liability.

4. Are you a high maintenance person?

If you don’t want a high maintenance spa this should be taken into consideration when selecting the spa design. As a minimum routine pool maintenance will include ensuring that the water chemically balanced and hygienic, maintaining the support equipment, and keeping the pool surface clean. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you may be able to outsource this but as with everything it will come at a price.

The Fun Part – Designing your Custom In-Ground Spa

Once you have resolved all the practical issues it is now possible to design your custom spa. Don’t forget to consider the layout of the spa and view it from different directions in order to ensure that you make the most of your outdoor living space in Boynton Beach, FL.