Custom Travertine Pool Deck in Palm Beach County, Florida

If you live in Palm Beach County, Florida you are one of those lucky people that enjoy glorious sunshine all year round.  Having a pool is a great way of enjoying the outdoor space.  Who needs a venue when you have your own pool?

All it takes is a few canapés, some drinks and you have a party.  Plus what could be a better setting than a beautiful blue sky and dazzling blue water.  For night time add a few lights around the decking to create a magical effect.

How to Choose a Pool Deck

Before you send out the invites, let’s get organized.  What kind of pool deck would you like?  There are several materials on the market but I think that having a low maintenance one is a must for most people.  Most important, hire a contractor located in Florida. Find one around Boynton, who is familiar with the environmental and geographic problems in this area.

Do you really want to spend a lot of time looking after your pool deck?  Or would you rather be sipping martinis and socializing with friends?  I know which I would choose – and I am sure that everyone in Jupiter, Florida will feel the same!

Choose a Low Maintenance Pool Deck

One of the products which is particularly good for pool decks is travertine.  Apart from a quick wash every 6 months or so with a pressure washer it may need the occasionally bit of weeding but this can soon be remedied by using a chemical deterrent.   Should you decide to seal your travertine pool deck it may require resealing annually.   This leaves everyone plenty of time to enjoy that pool!

Low Maintenance

Yes, that’s right.  Not only is travertine low maintenance but it also comes in a myriad of colors.  Since it is a natural stone each paver is unique which means that whatever your pool deck design is, it will be a custom built design.

Travertine pool decks also give you the opportunity to express your individuality and impress your neighbors with your creative flair.  Who needs The Neighborhood Gallery when you can have your own artistic display at the side of the pool?

Of course, once the drinks start flowing, people may forget about your talent, but in Jupiter you will still have the satisfaction of having a beautiful and exclusive pool deck. 

Is Travertine Expensive?

Although it costs slightly more to install than some other materials, the installation costs should be the same as other materials.  It is also extremely durable and unlike other products such as acrylic decking, won’t fade after a few years.

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