Customer Service in the Pool Industry – Does It Exist?

customer serviceOwning a pool or spa is wonderful asset to have in your home, providing hours of entertainment for one and all. But having a pool or spa is also a major commitment in terms of the care it requires. Paying for chemicals, cleaning supplies and then providing the physical labor to maintain and clean your pool is no easy task. Often, it can be far easier and even cheaper to hire a professional pool or spa service to keep your pool or spa sparkling and inviting. But you need to be able to trust that the people you hire will do a good quality job and keep your pool or spa up to your standards.

So what kind of customer service can you expect? Will your pool company be efficient, fast and friendly in maintaining your pool or spa?

What do pool and spa services offer?

Most pool and spa professionals will customize their services to your budget and your needs. Usually, this involves coming to your house once a week to maintain your facility. Prices vary according to size of the feature and frequency of service. You therefore need to compare prices of different service providers so that you do not pay too much for your pool maintenance.

What can pool maintenance services do?

  • Remove unwanted debris from the surface of the water.
  • Clean your filters.
  • If necessary, fill up the pool and spa.
  • Adjust and test the chemical levels of the pool and keep the water in balance to protect your pool or spa equipment.
  • Brush and clean the pool or spa tiles and interior walls and vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Empty the pump baskets and skimmer
  • Perform a full check of the pool or spas equipment and inform the owner of any problems or issues that need taking care of.

When choosing a pool or spa service, be sure to choose a licensed and insured company. This will help ensure that you and your facility will be treated with professional care. You can also look for testimonials and reviews by other customers so that you can be sure that your pool will be maintained according to your specific needs and requirements. When you take these things into account, it makes good saving sense to leave the care and maintenance of your pool or spa to professionals. In addition to that you can also save time.