Decking Is a Pools Best Friend!

Decking is a Pools best friend


One of the most important considerations for any pool deck is the type of material to use, with choices including beautiful marble, travertine, concrete, stone, brick, tile, and wood. Of these options, concrete pool decks give you the most design flexibility in terms of color, texture, and pattern; as well as being affordable and low maintenance. The material you ultimately choose depends on your surrounding landscape, space availability and budget.

If you like the look and natural feel of marble, but prefer a more cost-effective option, travertine might be the material for you. Travertine is another building material that is a natural stone similar to marble and granite. The difference between travertine and other natural stones is how it is formed. It is formed in hot springs and limestone caves. This process causes travertine to feel softer and has holes or pockets within it, giving it its distinctive mottled look.

Travertine Finish:

  • Polished, which is slick and smooth. This could be slippery when wet.
  • Chiseled, which provides a rougher surface although it still feels soft and smooth to the touch.
  • Honed and filled, this is when the manufacturer fills in the natural holes and smoothes the finish.
  • Tumbled. Travertine (and marble) pavers and tiles are placed in a big drum with each other, pebbles, sand, and gravel. Then, they are (you guessed it!) tumbled around to create a weathered and aged texture. Tumbled travertine or marble lends a rustic and time-worn feel to any design.

The benefits of travertine Deck are similar to the benefits of marble:

  • It has a natural look and feel and withstands time and weather.   You can allow the natural irregularities and stone formations to patina and become more pronounced with time, creating an old and inviting feel. Or you could choose to pressure wash and seal the stone For a sparkling and brand new look! 
  • Water won’t hurt travertine so that makes it a perfect material around the pool.  It comes in a variety of colors,  from ivory to beige to walnut shades.  Depending on the texture travertine can be naturally slip resistant. It allows for design flexibility and you can go old world and classic or sleek and modern. 
  • Travertine also provides a high return on your investment when you choose to sell and is slightly more affordable option to marble.

Let us help you choose the perfect material for your pool and deck. We’ll walk you through the process and answer all your questions. Plus, we take pride in our work and will make sure that we carefully install whatever material you choose so that you are happy with the result now and tomorrow.

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