How to Design a Luxurious In-Ground Swimming Pool for Your Home

How to Build a Luxurious In-Ground Swimming Pool for Your HomeLiving in Palm Beach means that many homes have pools in the yard; the ideal place to cool down in the sun, and entertain the family.

But many of these pools are lacking in imagination – and are straightforward blue rectangles that sit in the yard performing a function, but lacking a certain magic that takes your pool to the next level.

When you’re planning your in-ground swimming pool take a look at the whole property. What is the feel of the space? What style of architecture and landscaping is in place that you can use for inspiration, and enhance with the perfect pool?

Look at your surroundings, and picture the atmosphere that you’re aiming for. Do you want a family pool for fun and functionality? Do you want a pool that gives a safe haven from modern life, with serenity and calm? A garden pool surrounded by plants and perfumes?

Perhaps you want a sleek, modern design that links your interior to the outside, with clean lines, smooth stone, and razor sharp design. Something modern and extravagant.

Are you looking for a glass fronted infinity pool, opening your in-ground pool on multiple levels? A long, shallow pool to cool off, or a deep sporty pool to work out in style, or a group of small pools that look natural and artfully placed around the yard?

The only real limitation to the way you can design a luxurious in-ground swimming pool for your home is your own imagination, and the land that you’re working with.

Modern pool designs incorporate more natural shapes, curves and smooth lines, rather than the traditional rectangular design, and in-ground swimming pools can be dug at varied levels, can climb or drop with the landscape, and can blend traditional stone and natural materials with more modern materials like glass, polished metals, marble, colored tiles and plants and flowers incorporated to enhance the design.

As well as the modern designs that can add a touch of true sophistication to your home an in-ground pool can begin within the home then exit into a garden before creating a dramatic effect with an infinity pool design, water lapping at the edge creating the illusion of water as far as the eye can see, which is an effect that works particularly well with homes that overlook the many seascapes of Palm Beach.

Florida is home to some truly spectacular landscapes, and those can inspire dramatic in-ground pool designs to echo the beaches, open waters and bright sunlight that people settle in Palm Beach to enjoy.

Pool Doctor of Palm Beaches have years of experience not only in maintaining and repairing pools that are already in place, but in updating, replacing or redesigning pools or creating new designs altogether to ensure that the pool you create at home is truly the pool of your dreams and adds that finishing touch that makes a house a real home.

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