Seven Key Factors to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Seven Key Factors to Include in Your Outdoor KitchenWhen you’re designing an outdoor kitchen space to turn your pool into the hub of your home entertainment there are some key factors to keep in mind during the design process. Most of all, you want a fully functioning, useful space, that adds valuable entertainment space – and looks great doing it.

Cooking appliances

Top of your list is, of course, your cooking appliances. What kind of food are you hoping to prepare out here? Is this a BBQ space, a pizza oven space, or a fully functioning, all bells and whistles range kind of a kitchen?

There’s a way to install all and any of these options if you have the space – but you need to plan in advance and decide whether you’re catering on a grand scale or just heating some burgers for your family before biting the bullet.

Surfaces aplenty

Just like the kitchen indoors, you need plenty of space to prep and serve your al fresco food without problems. When you’re planning for the outdoors, though, you need to factor in material that’s hardy enough to survive in all weather conditions and being exposed to the elements, while keeping your style in mind.

Lighting you’ll love

The best thing about outdoor entertaining is the freedom it brings with so much space – but when the sun goes down the party doesn’t have to end; with the right outdoor lighting your kitchen can glow and add a whole new dimension to the proceedings. Spots, twinkling accents, or colored highlights can change the mood at the flick of a switch.

Clean it up

Why limit your outdoor kitchen to food prep if it means you have to haul the fallout inside to clean up? With a sink and dishwasher incorporated in your outdoor kitchen, you can clean up as quickly as you need, and carry on with the fun without having to come back to it later or interrupt the party.

Clever plumbing can give you a sink, faucet, and dishwasher that will make the clean up a cinch and make your outdoor kitchen as fully functional as its indoor sister, with just as much style.

Storage space

As with any kitchen, the biggest issue and most common pet peeve, is running out of storage space. Don’t limit yourself to a couple of cupboards that don’t hold everything you need, or you’ll be running in and out all day to ‘just fetch one more thing’ – what a pain!

If you install adequate storage you’ll have everything you need at hand and be able to entertain with ease.

Chill out

Gone are the days of hoping your cooler won’t let your beer get warm in the sun; with an outdoor kitchen you can install a refrigerator that will store your food, add a chiller cabinet for drinks, and an ice machine for that cocktail bar. Then, you’ve got yourself an all singing, all dancing space for every occasion.

Seating and serving

The last thing to consider is how you’re going to use this space once the food and drinks are prepped. Are you going to have formal sit down meals, a more casual buffet-style set up, or are you looking for somewhere to perch with your buddies for a cocktail party?

Whatever you’re looking for there is a way to make the space work with any design.