DIY – Pool Party Decorations

Pool Party Decorations

With summer comes fun in the pool – for both children and adults. It’s a great time to have a pool party. Here are some ideas you can do yourself:

  • First, check out Dollar Tree ( and Party City ( They both also have stores around the coast of Palm Beach County. You will find all types of great decorations and toys for your pool party, at great prices, and they each have theme party setups. I buy as much as possible from Dollar Tree for a dollar each and then get the major decorations at Party City. You also can find some DIY pool party decoration ideas at the Party City site.
  • Get a toddler’s plastic swimming pool to hold children’s water toys, such as floats, water guns, water balloons (for teens), plastic buckets and shovels, etc.
  • Speaking of water balloons, Water Gears offers Instant Water Balloons – hook a set to any hose and fill & tie 100 water balloons at one time. Easy and less than $13 each set! ( . (See the video here:
  • Make overhead decorations by tying large balloons or beach balls to a heavy string. Tie the strings across the pool and over the tables for a festive flair.
  • Decorate the pool fence with:
    • Flowered garlands looped across the top.
    • From the looped garland, hang lifesaver-shaped floats, plastic shovels, and other fun beach items for a festive look.
  • If you have a gazebo, fill a bunch of colorful balloons with helium, attach long strings, and fill the gazebo ceiling with them. Makes a great pool decoration over a food table.
  • Buy enough towels and empty water bottles for all invited guests, plus a few more – just in case. Fold the towels, put the water bottles on top, and tie together with a ribbon, as a gift for participants.
  • For an adult party where the pool won’t be used, fill really large round balloons with helium, attach a long enough string (with a weight) to reach the pool bottom and float the balloon above the water. Place in the pool at varying distances. This is an especially attractive pool decoration if the pool is lit below the waterline.
  • Another pool decoration when not using the pool is to almost fill the pool with balloons that just float on the top. Use regular air – not helium.
  • You also can use helium filled balloons with a string attaching them to weights, placed across the center of the table from end to end.
  • A well-loved game for a pool party with toddlers is to create a bowling alley. Use two normal sized pool noodles and one-half or less additional noodle. Tape together with duct tape (it now comes in festive designs and colors) to create a three-sided alley on the grass. Use any lightweight plastic items for pins, such as cheap, large plastic glasses. Then use a beach ball – not too big or the toddlers can’t hold on to it – as the bowling ball.
  • Find free invitation templates by typing “pool party invitation free printable” in the Google search engine.
  • Find more ideas by typing “DIY pool party decorations” in Google.
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