Infographics – 10 Steps for Effective Swimming Pool Acid Washing

Swimming Pool Acid Washing

10 Steps for Effective Swimming Pool Acid Washing

 If algae or stains have made your plaster pool basin look grimy, it may be time for an acid washing.

Step 1: Drain the pool, removing debris as the water level drops.

Step 2: Put on protective equipment – rubber boots, eye protection, respiratory protection, long sleeves, and long pants.

Step 3: Mix one gallon of muriatic acid with one gallon of water; always add the acid to the water, not water to the acid.

Step 4: Using a hose, wet a section of the pool basin and pour the acid mixture on.

Step 5: Wait a minute and a half, then scrub with an acid brush.

Step 6: Thoroughly rinse the area with water from the hose.

Step 7: Repeat the washing process for all sections of the plaster basin.

Step 8: Neutralize acid residue by adding at least two pounds of soda ash for each gallon of acid.

Step 9: Pump the neutralized water into a storm drain using a submersible pump.

Step 10: Rinse the area with fresh water, then you are ready to refill the pool.

Acid washing your pool is an arduous task; it is often best to leave it to a professional pool service. Contact the Certified Pool Stain Specialists at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to see how we can keep your pool looking its best! Visit us at or call us at (561) 203-0270

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