Effects of Chlorine on Palm Trees

Almost everyone uses chlorine in swimming pools for water treatment. Chlorine is considered to be the best solution for killing harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause disease in humans. Some people have shown concern about the effects of chlorine on palm trees.  It is not until recently that the harmful effects of chlorine were disclosed. Researchers have found that large amounts of chlorine can react with organic matter (such as humans and plants) and can cause different types of diseases, some of them severe in nature.

Several diseases have been identified that arose solely from excessive exposure to chlorinated water in swimming pools; skin and respiratory systems being the most vulnerable. But the question arises, is this chlorinated water also harmful to palm trees standing beside these pools?

What are the effects of chlorine on palm trees, if any?
effects of chlorine on palm

Dilute Solutions

It is undeniable that diluted solutions of chlorine compounds do not cause any harm to plants, as the water we use for gardens is distilled with small amounts of chlorine. Moreover, people often drain off their pool water in nearby gardens and any sort of inhibition of plant growth has never been reported.

Palm trees are quite sturdy in nature. They are capable of tolerating droughts and severe climatic conditions. So if a pool is sanitized with small amounts of chlorine, it wont harm the nearby palm trees, neither in the form of fumes, nor with its splashing water. Effects of chlorine on palm trees are minimum, if it is in diluted form.

Shock Pool Treatment

Most swimming pools owners go for chlorine shock treatments from time to time. This involves using concentrated amounts of chlorine as well as other chemicals to get rid of stubborn stains and deep rooted algae infestation.

In such large concentrations, chlorine can be dangerous to palm trees. Water that has been recently chlorinated should never be drained into a garden or over palm trees, as it can cause different diseases . A rich amount of chlorine reacts with organic matter to form toxic substances, which can be dangerous to the flora.

Minimizing Effects of Chlorine on Palm Trees

Chlorine fumes from your pool won’t be very harmful to your palm trees during the usual season, but if you are still concerned, you can do one thing:  You can cover your pool with an automatic pool cover. Keeping the pool covered when not in use reduces the time period for emitting chlorine fumes, thus minimizing the effects of chlorine on palm trees.  Besides, the cover has many other advantages including children safety, not letting the pool water evaporate and keeping the pool free of falling vegetation debris.

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