Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Offers 5 Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

You may think you have your pool care covered, but the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches goes above and beyond basic pool care and does things most pool owners never even think of. In fact, too many pool owners remain ignorant regarding pool water balancing, pool backwashing, and pool basket cleaning. The truth is, many other pool companies prefer to keep their customers in the dark. But the Pool Doctor has a different mission and believes that educated consumers are better consumers. The more you know about what your pool company actually does, the more you’ll realize how meticulously they take care of your pool needs and make sure your family is swimming in the safest environment possible.

Water Balancing

There are several basic pool elements that need to be maintained at the correct levels in order to have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing pool. pH is the balance of acid and alkalinity in the water. If the water is too acidic, it can irritate skin and eyes. In addition, it can damage the pool equipment, corroding the metal pieces and staining the pool. Conversely, if the water is too alkaline, it means the chlorine level is too weak and you risk the growth of algae, which is certainly not what you want your kids swimming in. Excess alkalinity will also cause the pool water to have a cloudy appearance.

Another important aspect of pool water that needs to be balanced is hardness, which is the amount of calcium dissolved in the water. Hard water can stain your pool, depositing bits of calcium as scale or crystals. Not enough calcium in the pool water causes soft water, which can cause corrosion of plaster, grout, and even vinyl. As you can see, maintaining these issues can be a delicate balancing act. Leave it to us.

Scrubbing Tile Lines

Sometimes, scale buildup or staining can ruin the beauty of an otherwise perfect pool. You may want to have a pool party or simply entertain in the pool area, but your pool looks dirty. The Pool Doctor will scrub the tile lines clear of anything that could mar the beauty of your pool. You will be able to entertain proudly again.

Vacuuming Pools

A basic pool care service should always include routine vacuuming. Vacuuming is just what it sounds like: vacuuming the bottom surface of the pool. Leaves, twigs, and other debris are constantly falling into your pool, and if they are not skimmed off the surface immediately, they will sink to the bottom. There are few things more disgusting than putting your feet into a pile of soggy leaves at the bottom of a pool.

Pool Backwashing

Backwashing a pool is the act of reversing the flow of water through the filter to remove any built-up contaminants. This rinses all the dirt and debris from the filter, which is then discharged with the water to a place outside the pool, in the grass or dirt a distance away. This sounds simple, but it can turn into quite a process.

Pool Basket Cleaning

Cleaning the pool basket of your skimmer can prove to be much more complicated than it sounds. First of all, the pump needs to be turned off. Then, the skimmer and all the main drain valves need to be closed. The filter valve will also have to be closed if the pool pump is under the surface of the water. Then the pump lid needs to be pried off to reveal the various types of debris waiting for you in there.

If you already have a pool, then you know how difficult it can be to keep up with the maintenance necessary to keep your pool beautiful and healthy for those you love. But nobody has any extra time, and very few people want to be a servant to the constant upkeep of their pool. Yet, we all want to be able to relax, knowing our kids are swimming in a healthy space.

Though it may sound shallow, we also have to admit that we might want our neighbors to be just a little bit jealous of our beautiful pool and the extra time we have lounging by it.

contact the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches  when their pools require expert maintenance or for professional guidance regarding products that will better their pools. Feel free to ask about our regular pool cleaning and maintenance programs.

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