Variable Speed Pool Pump Law (Florida Energy Efficiency Code – March 2012)

Florida Variable Speed Pool Pump Law

Attention: All Residential Pool Owners

As State Licensed Swimming Pool Professionals, our goal is to keep all our pool owners informed about the new Florida variable speed pool pump law enacted March 15, 2012 that will affect all swimming pool owner in Florida.

Are you tired of paying high electric bills?

Did you know that your pool pump is the #1 energy consumption appliance in the home?

Did you know that a 1.5hp pool pump is wasting $807 per year in electric costs?

Save Money Today on Your Monthly Electric Bill!Pentair IntelliFLO variable speed pool pump

Upgrading to an energy efficient retrofit is a wise investment. The attached savings calculator shows the comparison of a single speed pump to the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump variable speed pump and the revolutionary differences. You will have the fastest return on investment above any other energy saving appliance. Guaranteed energy savings every month!

The Cost of Doing Nothing

A single speed 1.5hp pump consumes approximately $900 worth of electricity per year. In five years it will cost $4,500 to run that pump.

That’s the cost of doing nothing – – versus a new energy efficient pump that may only cost you $100 a year to operate. So just looking at the energy costs, a homeowner is looking at spending $500 over five years with a variable speed pool pump compared to $4,500 with an old single speed pump. Thats a $4,000 differential or SAVINGS.

Our company has earned the status as a GEOSMART AUTHORIZED CONTRACTOR for the Home Energy Efficiency Finance Program. We are now able to provide all our customers an option to finance this new pump

Basically there would be no out-of-pocket expense to acquire the new pump. Begin the savings now and instead of paying approximately $70 per month to your FP&L bill you can apply this savings toward the new pump.

Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have questions about the variable speed pool pump law or are interested in a FREE energy saving analysis. We are pool service professionals and can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  Please dont hesitate to ask.

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