Florida’s Biggest Trends in Pool Design for 2017

Trends in Pool Design, Pool Design Trends 2017

This is the year that you’re finally ready to complete your home upgrades with a new luxury pool and spa. With the new pool design trends for 2017, it’s a great time to finally get the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance luxury, a backyard resort, or a swim spa, there are plenty of new options and materials for your Florida swimming pool design. We can work with your existing space to transform it into the pool you’ve always wanted.

Each year, our team of designers develops a list of the hottest and most popular swimming pool design trends. Read on for some of the best in pool design for 2017.

The Backyard Resort

Are you trying to evoke the look and feel of your favorite vacation spot right in your own backyard? Our designers can help you recreate that backyard resort and use your natural landscaping to blend into your vacation-inspired pool area.

Some of the features of a backyard resort might include a built-in slide, rock grotto, waterfalls, and spa. Distinct areas of the pool space are great for all members of the family. The kids will enjoy the slide while you relax by the spa.

Take some pictures on your next vacation that capture the essence of your favorite resort area. This will help as you discuss your vision for the backyard resort with one of our designers. Or, since you live right here in Florida, give yourself a day to visit local resorts and see what they have going on.


One of the more exciting trends in pool design includes the use of multiple levels and layers within the pool area.

Picture water cascading over the stairs as you step up to a freeform swimming pool. Another level offers a wading pool for small kids, and yet another level offers a retreat with a built-in spa.

The multi-level pool option provides distinct and various sections of the pool area for your family and your guests. The kids can swim together in the pool while the adults lounge and enjoy the relaxing spa area.

Geometric Design

Geometrically designed pools are not new to the pool design scene. But the options, finishes, and materials you select will make the geometric design stand out within your neighborhood.

Picture a rectangular pool with an alternating light design and a swim-up bar, complete with square bar stools within the water. This is just one example of how geometry has changed from simplistic to artistic.

Vanishing Spa

Imagine that you’re entertaining your friends and neighbors with a great pool party and barbeque. As the night wears on, it’s time to move to the more relaxing spa experience. With a touch of a button, the spa appears in the middle of the pool area.

A flagstone bridge also appears for guests to get to the spa. There are also underwater tunnels to access the spa right from the pool. Your guests will be amazed as your spa appears on cue.

Swim Spa

We have all heard of the health benefits of swimming. This trend continues to top the list of the most sought-after pool options. Also known as swim-in-place pools, these are a great option for lap swimming, water workouts, and aquatic therapy.

The size of the swim spa is great for homes with limited pool space. The pool can be placed outside or inside for year-round use. The swim spa makes a great addition to any home gym.


If you’re known for entertaining in your Florida neighborhood, then an all-in-one pool design may be exactly what you need. This design offers an outdoor kitchen, swim-up bar, pool, and spa, all in one package.

This design is the ultimate in home and outdoor entertainment. You can host outdoor barbeques with the fully stocked kitchen and bar and never have to leave your guests to entertain themselves by the pool.

Adding Other Elements

When you think about your pool design, you also have to think about function. Will the pool area be used by kids, adults, or both? Do you plan to entertain frequently, occasionally, or rarely? Will you spend time around your pool area even when you’re not using the pool?

Understanding how you will use your new pool and pool area will help you choose other elements to include, like a spa, a wading pool, or a swim-up bar. How about adding a fire element to the pool area? Add a fire pit for additional entertaining space or family fun.

For small children, you might consider adding a play surface or a splash pad. Fountains and play structures within the pool will entertain the kids for hours.

Choosing the Right Materials

Work with your designer to choose the best materials for your outdoor pool area. This includes the use of tile and other natural stone. A custom-designed pool is only as good as the materials you choose to put into it.

Tile, for example, is one material that has evolved greatly in pool design. In the past, tile was generally only used at the water line to add interest. With the variety of tile options on the market today, tile can now be used for the entire pool surface to add a luxurious look that will last a lifetime.

Go Green

With the overall trend toward eco-friendly materials and processes, the swimming pool design is no exception. Look for natural materials that enhance the luxurious look and feel of the pool.

Most new pool owners are opting for natural, chemical-free pools that are good for the environment. Also be sure to consider the most energy-efficient options for pumps and heaters.

Your new swimming pool design should combine your vision for luxury and beauty with the elements of your natural surroundings. There are plenty of trends for 2017 that will give you the look and the functionality you’re hoping for in your new pool. When the project is complete, your customized pool will be exactly what you dreamed.

Reach out to us if you are ready to take the plunge into your new pool.

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