Four Design Factors to Ramp Up for a Luxurious Pool

Four Design Factors to Ramp Up for a Luxurious PoolCreating the ideal pool for your home could be a simple process – but why stop at the basics when you can create the perfect space to relax, cool off and entertain guests? There are a number of ways to continue your home design through to the poolside, tying it to your interior design and style – but what tips do we have for those who are designing, or redesigning, to create their perfect pool?

Indoor/outdoor space.

Although your pool isn’t part of your interior, there are a number of ways that you can make the transition seamless, and tie the indoor and outdoor spaces to create a free-flowing, stylish space that works for everyone.

One great tip to achieve this is installing sliding glass doors that open your living space onto the poolside patio, and using furniture that works in either. Daybeds, loungers and furniture with a stylish, wicker base can work in your home and poolside, and with the glass pulled back the space flows; the added advantage of this is that even with the doors pulled closed the space runs to the outdoors, drawing the eye and making your internal space feel roomy, bright and airy.

A pool with a view.

Building on the idea of seamlessly flowing your indoor space to your poolside space, you can expand this illusion and tie your poolside view to the surroundings. If your pool has a view of the ocean there are some stunning infinity pool designs that can create the illusion of swimming straight out to the horizon, even if, in reality, your space is limited.

Planting established trees and shrubs can also build on this illusion, giving the impression that your pool is a natural formation that connects your home to the beachfront.

Seating to die for.

It’s senseless creating a perfect pool without adding the perfect poolside seating to relax, dry off and enjoy time with family and friends.

Keeping things casual and tying your color scheme to that within your living space, and the natural colors of the Florida horizon, keeps your poolside spacious and welcoming, and loungers, comfortable bean bags for kids and teens, and some shaded spots out of the heat in the sunshine state mean the perfect pool for everyone.

Add in some low tables for drinks and snacks, and you’ll have everything you need to hand.

Grown up pool parties.

While family pools are always a hit, there comes a time when grown up pool parties take over from inflatables and swimming lessons – and what better way to upgrade than a poolside bar to entertain your guests?

And when adding a bar, why not consider something truly poolside and incorporate some bar stools in the water – a cool and welcoming place to sip a cocktail as the sun goes down.

What better way to say grown up pool than starlight, cocktails and a sophisticated space that flows indoors to out, showcasing the view of the Florida sea and sky?

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