Holiday Pool Services and Ideas

This podcast is about pool service and ideas for the Holidays.

Podcast Transcript:

Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast, with your hosts Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Elizabeth: Hey everybody, it’s Elizabeth Varian. I’m here with Holly Colasurdo from Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches.

Holly: Hello.

Elizabeth: How are you doing, Holly?

Holly: We’re good. We’re good, thank you.

Elizabeth: Yes, we’ve got the holidays. Oh my goodness. They are almost here.

Holly: They’re here.

Elizabeth: Just a few weeks away in the US for Thanksgiving and I just can’t believe that this year has gone so quickly.

Holly: I know. It’s unbelievable. The older we get the faster it goes.

Elizabeth: Make it slow down. Definitely make it slow down. Let’s talk about that. Let’s get our podcast listeners ready for their pool and the holidays.

Holly: Yeah, pool and the holidays.

Elizabeth: What are some of the services that Pool Doctor offers or their pool company can do to help them prepare because we’re doing the decorations. We’re getting the house in order.

Holly: Right.

Elizabeth: Let’s get that …

Holly: Along with your regular pool service … it’s a little windy here in Florida and the leaves start blowing as we can say our palm fronds are blowing around. Some of the trees that we have that blow some of the holiday leaves can get in the pool as well. A lot of clients do call and, oh we have some leaves in the pool. We’ll go out and make sure we pick those up, so they can entertain.

Elizabeth: Maybe a little extra cleaning …

Holly: Yeah, a little extra cleaning. We do offer acid wash or cleaning the decks, whatever a client needs …

Elizabeth: Nice, get that good clean pressure cleaning so that they don’t have to pay somebody else to do it. That’s wonderful.

Holly: Yeah. We do a lot of different things. Let’s see. Aside from cleaning the pool and testing the chemicals. A lot of our clients are now coming down from the Northeast.

Elizabeth: Yes, burr.

Holly: When they do like to have their pool ready for all their holiday entertaining. Needless to say, we’re crazy busy this time of year. We also … this time of year, people do come and visit their older loved ones. Having a lot more visitors, it’s probably a good idea to get the chemicals tested and make sure everything’s balanced. If the pool is going to be getting more activity from visitors than they normally have, just to make sure that everything is 100% … right, especially if they’re heating the pool. It could get really cold in Florida and the people love to keep their pool water like bath water.

Elizabeth: Yes. I’m one of them.

Holly: … especially our older clients. With company, as long as they’re getting their weekly service their pool should maintain itself.

Elizabeth: The balance.

Holly: Yes. If it looks odd, we measure with the chemicals anyway. We do that at every service but other than that, the cool weather does bring a little reprieve and without a lot of bodies in the pool at this time there’s not really many chemicals you have to add, if any. Everybody’s different.

Elizabeth: Just get it tested to make sure. My favorite so far is that pressure cleaning because I didn’t know a pool company would pressure clean my decks. I found somebody else to do that and that just … it easier to know somebody already who I already trust and have come out already to say hey can you just stop over and do this extra service.

Holly: Right.

Elizabeth: Let’s talk about the holidays, the fun part. Thanksgiving is a lot of cooking. Hanukkah, you’ve got eight wonderful days and then Christmas is right around the bend. One of the things we all think about the decorations outside. We’re now getting the projected lights on with the hanging lights, the inflatable. There are some things that we could be doing to add the décor to our pool if we’re not necessarily using it during those holidays.

Holly: Right. I wanted to go back and talk about when you guys have said … when we talk about pressure cleaning. If your deck is beyond pressure cleaning, we can build you a whole new deck.

Elizabeth: Oh, yes.

Holly: So anyway, we do that too.

Holly: Right. So, sorry about that, but back to holiday, especially Thanksgiving. Turkey barbecues are great. Like I said, our weather is conducive here in Florida. It’s the only time we really like being outside is this time of year when we don’t have to be the A.C. The weather is beautifully balanced outside and we can grill the turkeys out on the grill. If you have a fire pit or if we’ve built you a fire pit, you can grill out there. Everybody invite everybody over. Bring their favorite dish because I know if go to somebody’s house on Thanksgiving, they’re not going to have what I grew up eating and I always want to bring something that I’m used to that I love.

Elizabeth: Even if you make your turkey in the oven, just sitting out … I know I had one Thanksgiving and they set all the long table out around the pool. We have the palm trees. Thanksgiving and holiday parties down here … we’re unique in that there’s no humidity this time of year. The outdoors are perfect and you can still bring the turkey out or set the buffet out underneath your outdoor area and just give it a different feel instead of cramming everybody in. Let the guys go and watch their games every now and then. That would be fantastic. There’s a lot of the lighting that can be done, the floating pool lights. What some other unique things to pool owners that they can do with their lighting that maybe someone without couldn’t.

Holly: Right. Landscape lighting is really nice here because we have such beautiful palm trees. We do that as well. If you need landscape lighting, you can up-light the trees, the palm trees. Rope lighting is amazing. Costco’s there always. Go get your rope lighting or order it on Amazon. That’s beautiful. You can hang it under your umbrellas. You can wrap it around a tree. Hang it from the house awning or shaded awning … such beautiful ambiance for an outdoor pool party. That, long with candles in the pool or you can blow up a lot of balloons, the helium balloons, white balloons and attach the weight to the bottom where they can float in the pool. You can get floating balloons. There’s just so many neat things that you can do for your holiday pool party. We also … sometimes clients like to add colors and dyes to their pool. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you add the blue color to your water.

Elizabeth: Oh my.

Holly: If you celebrate Christmas, you add the green and red to the pool. There’s so many fun things you can do.

Elizabeth: Hopefully it doesn’t … they get it out before you dive in or it doesn’t get on you don’t come out looking like a smurf … a Jewish smurf.

Holly: Yeah, no, I’m sure it’s just for ambiance, probably not in the pool when it’s that cold, but it’s just for ambiance. You have globe lights. You can do loon pool lights, which are smaller battery-operated underwater lights that can be used in the pool. There’s so many things to do.

Elizabeth: I like a lot of builds that you’ve done this year have that little beach area, so putting the … getting water safe lights and putting your umbrella there on that little beach area within the pool around the spa. If you have that fountain going when you have the party, that noise just brings a nice little … the sound of the pool adds more. Let’s talk about, shifting to some of the entertainment … I know you had mentioned to me something I had, I was like, wow that’s pretty cool to have an inflatable screen and to watch movies.

Holly: Yeah, the movie nights. Those are great.

Elizabeth: Oh, that would be wonderful.

Holly: Good for the kids.

Elizabeth: You can watch all your childhood Christmas movies in the background.

Holly: Yeah, or just to keep the kids busy, put on a Christmas show, in part of the backyard on the side and they can watch that or they can be in the pool watching the movie while the adults are surrounding the pool … or they’re in the home but they have the open sliders that connect to the backyard. It’s just a great flow.

Elizabeth: Then you’ve got a lot of outdoor speakers that you install with some of your pool builds. That would really come in handy for the music portion of your party.

Holly: Yeah the outdoor sound system is amazing.

Elizabeth: I just think it’s fantastic. I really had never thought about using the pool and the outdoor area as much for holidays. You’re so used to sitting around a table. You can still do that but enjoy your pool and get more use out of it here in South Florida.

Holly: Right. Pools are more than just for swimming these days. You have to take advantage of everything your pool can offer, especially around the holidays.

Elizabeth: Absolutely, and maybe get some water games and floatables for your kids for Christmas gifts.

Holly: Oh yeah. They make so many fun floats now. I love the pink flamingos. You buy the big giant ones and you can throw five or six in the pool. You really can go all out.

Elizabeth: … and just have the Florida fun with it.

Holly: That’s the best … makes me want to get in the pool, even today, but I’m working.

Elizabeth: Well, I want to thank you for your time. I know you guys are busy there. I can hear everyone in the background.

Holly: We’re providing all these fun things for everybody.

Elizabeth: Getting everybody ready and I know a lot of snow birds are starting to head down. They’ll be full force in January. We kind of put a pause during the summer on the podcasts, but we’re back and we’ll be adding new ones each month. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day and I hope everybody just has fun with their pool with the holidays that are coming up, especially in the next few weeks with Thanksgiving.

Holly: Right, oh yeah. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to have that turkey. Actually, I might just have it outside by the pool. That’s a great idea.

Elizabeth: Yes! All right everybody, until next month, you have a wonderful holiday season yourself and enjoy your pool

Holly: Thank you. Bye, guys!

Elizabeth: Bye.

 Thank you for listening to our monthly podcast.

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