How To Get Rid of Black Algae

how to get rid of black algaeOption: A

Treatment for black algae, the brushing part is very important. We must tear through the protective layers so the chemicals can destroy the plant from the inside out. We shut the equipment off during this time. (Approximately (3) days for treatment). We brush the walls and floor with a stainless steel brush. An effective way to treat the black algae nodules is by sprinkling granular Tricolor over the spots on the pool floor. This will also super shock the pool with chlorine. We will dive the pool by rubbing the spots on the walls with a Trichlor tablet and can be effective to knock off the heads of the black algae and get the Trichlor directly to the roots.

We then begin to rebalance the pool chemicals by reducing the chlorine residual by lowering to a safe level to reuse pool. (Approximately (2) days post treatment). There is no guarantee that this treatment will completely eradicate but you should see an improvement in the management of the black algae.

Option: B

To drain pool entirely and perform a muriatic acid wash on the entire surface and walls. We then perform a chlorine wash. The combination strength of both chemicals provides a more comprehensive and complete treatment for the eradication of black algae. We then begin refilling the pool and balancing the chemicals. (Approx. 3 days from drain to refill).

Option: C

If the pool’s surface is near the end of its life term, (6-10 years are typical life in South Florida) this could be another reason why black algae have been introduced to the pools surface. The best recommendation is to resurface the pool with new Diamond Brite Resurfacing.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can provide a proposal to anyone of the above strategies that may suit each individual situation. We can meet and discuss further. Please call to set up an appointment or email with any questions you may have.