Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers in-ground pool construction to the historic district of El Cid in West Palm Beaches.

El Cid Palm Beach pool construction Your dream home in El Cid, West Palm Beaches, is surrounded by beautiful scenery and history. The area is famed as an historic district, with buildings to match.

This means that when you’re thinking about your dream pool there are some designs, and some designers, that just won’t fit.

Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches we have over thirty years of experience in building in-ground pools that not only suit your designer pool dreams, but which are sympathetic to the look and history of the area, enhancing your home and yard with the perfect pool or spa addition for your space.

There are many different options for in-ground pools, and for those in El Cid who love the historic and timeless design of their homes, a pool that has the same gravitas and style is important.

Our range of in-ground pool designs includes:

  • outdoor pools
  • lap pools
  • sports pools
  • salt chlorine generated pools
  • infinity pools
  • negative-edge pools
  • vanishing-edge pools
  • rock waterfall pools
  • customized finish or black-bottom pools
  • lagoon pools / natural pools

And not only do we provide this range of pools in a range of styles, from the ultra modern to timeless traditional designs – we pride ourselves on our standard for perfection.

Your pool won’t be ‘standard’ in any other way. We listen to your dreams and work with you to build your vision. Nothing matters more than making our customers happy – and our highly-rated customer service speaks for itself.

If you’re just beginning to think of how you want your pool to look there’s a lot to consider. Not just the pool, but the space surrounding it, and how it ties together with your home and your living space, and how best to position your new in-ground pool within your yard.

Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches we can advise you on all of this, and more, and how to make your new pool seamlessly flow in your El Cid home. With period or character design features in many of the homes in the area, it’s important that your new in-ground pool is sympathetic to the style of the area. With our long history and our expert knowledge, not to mention our passion for your happiness, we can talk you through the design process and work with you to create the perfect pool, and landscaping the yard around it for the perfect finishing touch.

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