Trends in In-Ground Pool Design

Trends in Inground Pool DesignWhen it comes to pool design there are a lot of different designs available – and here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches we have over thirty years of experience in giving our customers the very best design they could dream of, to our highest standard.

In recent times we’ve noticed that traditional pools, in a traditional finish, are less popular and people are opting for stylish, sleek, new designs. Here’s a little run down of what new in-ground pools in your area might look like, if you’re thinking of designing your own.

Dark colored pools.

One trend we’ve noticed a huge increase in over the last couple years is finishing in-ground pools in darker colors – rather than the light grey, blue or white pools you traditionally see.

These darker pools have sophistication and very grown up stylishness that a lighter pool may not and they suit the sleek, sophisticated interiors of modern homes with stone and glass finishes.

If your home is a modern, minimalist design this dark finish may be the perfect choice for your in-ground pool.

Pebble finished pools.

Where pools were once finished with plaster or tile, many installing modern pools in their homes are opting for a pebble finish – a mosaic of small, flat stones with smooth finishes, for a more natural and rugged finished product with an interesting texture.

These pebbles come in a wide range of designs and colors and can be installed in your in-ground pool, and the surrounding poolside, to create a natural looking pool that sits beautifully in your yard and ties your landscaping to the views beyond.

Infinity pools.

Where once the pool was a stand-out feature of your yard, modern designs are often more closely tied to the landscape around them.

One way to do this – particularly for those Florida homes with an ocean view – is an infinity pool. This creates an illusion of tying your home pool to the horizon, seamlessly running into the ocean as you bathe.

The infinity pool has become ever more popular – once only seen in expensive, high end resorts it’s now possible to install this feature in your own in-ground pool and, with over thirty years of installing and maintaining pools in the area, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches pride ourselves on our high end design, quality finish  and excellent customer services.

Not only can we ensure that your infinity pool matches up to your dreams, but we can help guide you through the whole design process and talk about the finish, the perfect location, and how to make sure that your in-ground pool not only fits with your home and style, but will be as perfect in years to come.

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