Keeping Your Pool Safe With a Pool Alarm

Pool Alarm

Your backyard swimming pool is fun for the whole family and for entertaining friends. But how do you keep your family safe when the pool is not in use?

Drowning is the leading cause of death among children ages one to 14. Having a backyard pool can be a safety concern for any family with young children.

Creating a kid-safe pool is critical to preventing a drowning tragedy. A pool alarm will help keep your family safe around the pool.

How Does a Pool Alarm Work?

Pool alarms are designed to alert you to any disturbance on the water’s surface. If something or someone accidently falls into the pool, the alarm will sound.

The alarm will sound both in the pool and on a remote receiver in your home. Any time the surface of the water is touched, the alarm will be activated.

The sensitivity of the alarm can be set to your specifications, and the alarm receiver can be installed anywhere in your home.

Types of Pool Alarms

There are different types of pool alarms for all different types of pools. Some are made specifically for above ground or in-ground pools.

Some types of alarms can be installed permanently on the side of the pool. These remain in place and cannot be moved. Other types are meant to float on the pool’s surface and sense any disturbance to the water.

Many of the pool alarms on the market today have a range of about 200 feet. Be sure to check the range on any alarm you are considering to make sure it will cover your entire pool.

Alarms are either battery powered or can be hard wired into your pool’s electrical system. The type of alarm you choose will depend on your particular pool.

You may also consider other types of alarms, such as gate or door alarms. These alarms will alert you every time someone enters the pool area, not just the pool.

Having your own backyard pool is like a dream for many people. But keeping that dream alive means keeping your family and your children safe around the pool. Investing in a pool alarm could easily help you create a kid-safe pool for your family.

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