pool service and repairAny unlicensed or uninsured contractor that gets hurt at your home you are 100% liable!
(Always ask to see license and insurance before job starts, not a driver’s license and vehicle insurance)

All work to be done needs to have a permit
(Ask to see the permit before the job starts)

Any contractor using unlicensed and uninsured sub-contractors you are 100% liable
(Make sure a license and insurance has been issued to contractor’s)

Any people who work on or provide material for your job and do not get paid you are 100 % liable
(Get lien release at each payment)

Any damage done to city or county property you are 100% liable
(Broken sidewalks, waterlines, pavement, etc)

Any environmental damage done you are 100% liable
(Dumping trash, draining water, killing protected plants)



  • Low, too good to be true price
  • Ready to start right away, do most work on weekend
  • Vehicles with NO Signs
  • No job signs

Employees with no company shirts

No license number on proposal, card, or vehicle